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Job Title: Freelance Sound Technician 

MidSide - Recording Studio & Rehearsal Space


Job Description:

 As a sound Technician at our studio you are expected to deliver a high level of audio dexterity. Your main objective would be to achieve superb live sound for the various bands that come to rehearse/record at our studio. 

This includes helping the band setting up, balancing their live sound, Monitor sends ect.  As well as answering a few of the band’s requests during the session.

From time to time, bands wish to obtain a recording of the rehearsed takes and you should be able to record and mix them in a live room environment via our multichannel recording system. 


Job Requirements:

-Certificate from an academic institute OR currently attending courses in music, music production, sound or sound related studies. 

-Comprehensive understanding of the audio signal path,Mixers, Microphones and other studio gear.

-Advantage for those of you who are fluent with RME’s TotalMix FX and/or Logic Pro X. 

-Must be a Freelancer (עוסק פטור עם קבלות) 


Please Note:

 -The work is usually in the evenings 

- Working hours can vary 

-Ideal for Students of music and sound

-Qualified Applicants Must undergo a period of training in the studio.


“If you are looking to learn about sound in a real-life recording studio environment and you are willing to put into practice what you’ve learned this could be a great opportunity for you“


Come work with us! 


  *This job applies for both Female and Male*




Send us your CV and tell us a little about yourself  midside60@gmail.com 


For more information please call us: 0545737747 or 0587420420